Current Projects

New planting beds are here!

Since the beginning of 2015, the Friends have been fundraising for the complete removal, restoration, and update of the Rittenhouse Square formal gardens. Work has now begun on the frog, goat, and lion beds and will continue through the next few months with the final planted gardens debuting in the spring of 2016.

This project is funded and managed by the Friends of Rittenhouse Square and includes mature plant removal, soil revitalization, fence restoration, irrigation expansion, and a newly designed plant landscape.



About the new design…

Inspired by the axial nature and elegant architectural elements of Paul Cret’s original plan, the new garden design features formal geometry along an open, central spine. As a nod to the park’s namesake, astronomer David Rittenhouse, diagonal lines of hedges connect points creating patterns reminiscent of constellations. Plant species were selected for their particular aesthetic qualities as well as their suitability to the site’s cultural conditions. The goal is for the composition of the gardens each season to resemble paintings.

About the soil…

Healthy soil supports healthy plants. The soil in the gardens is deep with plenty of organic matter, and there is a good base of soil biology. To increase the beneficial soil microbes, we are adding organic amendments this fall that will promote nutrient cycling, which in turn will help the plants thrive come spring and beyond.

About the fence…

Along with renovation of the soil and plantings, the low, wrought iron, hairpin fence has been removed for cleaning and repair. New panels matching the original panels, will be fabricated to meet the extended fence length of the new design.

Thank you to our project partners:

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