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Whether you are a neighborhood resident or simply a lover of Rittenhouse Square, the Friends need everyone’s support to keep this historic landmark vibrant. Please consider becoming a member – while the Square has many fans, what it really needs is more Friends.

Membership coincides with the calendar year and provides the funding for the basic operating needs of the park.

3 ways to join:
• Download the 2018 membership form here and mail it to the Friends.
• Select one of the membership levels below and join instantly with PayPal.
• Call the Friends at 267-586-5675 to join over the phone with a credit card.

Membership funds received in the months of October, November and December will be applied towards a membership for the following calendar year.

*Please select the membership level appropriate for your ability to give and support Rittenhouse Square. The Young Friends and Little Friends are subsets of the main Friends of Rittenhouse Square memberships. There is no additional membership required to participate.


All members are listed on our website.

$35 Young Friend (25-35 Years Old)

($1.09 PayPal processing fee)

$50 Individual

($1.43 PayPal processing fee)

$100 Family

($2.56 PayPal processing fee)

Advocate Memberships

Vested members of the community dedicated to the
daily care of Rittenhouse Square. These members
are also listed in our newsletter.

$250 Friend

($5.93 PayPal processing fee)

$500 Patron

($11.55 PayPal processing fee)

$1000 Benefactor

($22.80 PayPal processing fee)

Rittenhouse Circle

Top supporters and pillars of the community who are
dedicated to creating a bright future for Rittenhouse Square.
These individuals are included in a special thank you section
in our newsletter.

$1500 Rittenhouse Circle

($34.05 PayPal processing fee)

Corporate Memberships

$500 Corporate Friend

Includes a half page ad in one edition of our newsletter.

($11.55 PayPal processing fee)

$1000 Corporate Patron

Includes a full page ad in one edition of our newsletter.

($22.80 PayPal processing fee)

$3000 Corporate Benefactor

Includes two full-page ad in our newsletter along with Facebook content.

($67.85 PayPal processing fee)

Furry Friend Memberships

Do you have a pet that also loves Rittenhouse Square? Furry Friend donations help fund doggie trash bags, grass seeding and cutting,and trash removal. In each newsletter, we feature one of our Furry Friend Members!

$25 Furry Friend

Each Furry Friend will receive a stylish green reflector pet ID tag with the Furry Friends logo - their membership will also be listed on our website.

($0.87 PayPal processing fee)

If you can’t join right now but would like to find a way to help, contact

*As noted above, PayPal charges a slight processing fee, which will be reflected in your statement.